A Workshop Way school in action.

“As a Workshop Way teacher of twenty years and now principal of St. Martin of Tours Academy, I can attest to the effectiveness of the Workshop Way system....Teachers who embrace the Workshop Way philosophy/psychology and use teacher artistry create safe learning environments....”
Ms. Toni Dimuzio, Principal of a Workshop Way® school, St. Martin of Tours Academy, La Mesa, California
Parent, Jeanne Stronach: “I have two children attending St. Martin...in 4th and 6th grades....My husband and I chose this school because of Workshop Way. With its emphasis on life skills coupled with academics, we felt that our children would thrive as students and as people....And they have....”

Parent, Maria T. McRoberts: Two words, “Success” and “Ownership” is what comes to mind when I think of how the Workshop Way of teaching has proved to be one of the most amazing developments I have seen in our children since attending St. Martin’s Academy....Our kids are confident and compassionate individuals...and we are thankful that Workshop Way teaching has provided an environment for them to build on these areas.”

Teacher, former student in a Workshop Way School, and soon-to-be–parent of a preschooler, Kimberly Murray: “a remarkable system of learning.... I am writing in regards to the remarkable educational philosophy known as Workshop Way. My thoughts and observations of this innovative curriculum is that of both a student who spent her kindergarten through eighth grade years immersed in this system, as well as that of a first year teacher blessed to be working in this fantastic system of learning...instills in students fruits that continue well into adult years....The Workshop Way strives to educate, nurture and develop the whole person rather than teaching to raise test scores....”


Since 1991, St. Martin of Tours has been a Workshop Way School in process. Three dedicated educators spearheaded a “new way” to run a school. The Pastor of the Parish in La Mesa, California, Rev. John McCauley Sproul, the principal, Nancy Ryan, and the Workshop Way consultant, Sr. Jackie Bennett, worked together to bring new life and a new WAY to the school. Several schools worked together and shared teacher training artistry and implemented Workshop Way.

A wonderful story began and continues still at St. Martin of Tours Academy. Rev. John Sproul and Sr. Jackie have passed on after a dedicated life of creating an environment of peace, self-initiated learning among so many students. Their work continues. Nancy Ryan has become a Workshop Way consultant and continues to enrich the lives of teachers and students. Workshop Way is for LIFE!

Father Sproul's conviction grew as he saw his school so peaceful and prosperous. He saw children thrive at his school, growing in confidence, decision-making, and responsibility. He loved the joy felt throughout the school and often commented on how much the children enjoyed being in school.

Principal, Nancy Ryan, after many years enriching and encouraging parents and teachers, has passed the light of leadership on to Toni Demuzio. St. Martin of Tours is a great place to live and learn. Nancy Ryan is currently working as a licensed consultant of Workshop Way, Inc.

For more information about this school and about first hand information about how a fully implemented system of human growth for education, Workshop Way, works.

Contact St. Martin of Tours: www.stmartinacademy.org

As an afterthought and as a result of teacher artistry and excellence in administration, St. Martin of Tours’ academic achievement for 8th graders is consistently in the 75%ile range of test score ranking. Teachers are artists who understand the power of a confident, self-motivated child. Workshop Way ensures the “right conditions” for growth.

Workshop Way consultant and former principal of St Martin of Tours School: Workshop Way is a system of education that promotes the power of management. “When students have their own management system they feel and know that they have those three human feelings: importance, intelligence and the power of management. The students are able to feel their power in managing themselves while accomplishing tasks, taking risks, figuring out, engaging in thinking throughout the entire learning process.”

Nacy Ryan
Workshop Way Consultant
Principal of Workshop Way Schools 1986 - 2007
Principal at St.Martin of Tours Academy 1991 - 2007

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