Workshop Way is a universal system of teaching and learning. Its principles apply to all learning situations: classrooms, workplace training, adult education, home schooling, small and large group instruction.

OUR SPECIALTY IS ELEMENTARY EDUCATION: Over the years Workshop Way has highly developed classroom learning management materials, handbooks, learning kits, comprehensive phonics, specialized reading. Children grow as self-motivated human beings who truly love learning.

BEYOND THE TRADITIONAL CLASSROOM: Workshop Way applies to all learning situations.

  • College classes become intensely alive and move beyond the traditional lecture/notes approach.
  • Adult Education on any topic can be set up to maximize the learning of content theory and practice and is adjustable to any predefined learning capacity. When the conditions of learning are successfully and deliberately established, all human beings love learning. All adults learn more efficiently when engaged, involved and freed from fear of failure.
  • Business Inservice for new employees. With consultation with Workshop Way professionals, an effective training model can be created in order for new employees to move effectively into new work situations.
  • Geriatric Day Care Centers: It has been researched that when meaningfully involved all adults continue to learn and even can increase learning capacity when freedom from fear is operataive.
  • Home School Learning: When homeschoolers begin to look for a new and innovative way to engage students in a homelike setting, Workshop Way professionals can assist by setting up new climates for learning.
  • GED classes: Oftentimes, some members of GED classes have acquired learning blockages to easy and satisfying learning. Workshop Way sets up conditions that build on success. This cultivates ongoing success in progressive learning of content without the hindrance of past blocks. Students enjoy learning for its own sake.
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