Grade 1 Math Materials Cut-Out Kit


The WORKSHOP WAY® First Grade Math Materials Cut-Out Kit contains a variety of materials needed to teach 1st grade math with any curriculum. It contains directions, a variety of ideas, and materials for the MATH Workshop Schedule of Tasks and for Six-Group lessons. It also includes a sample WORKSHOP WAY® 5-Activity lesson as well as a blank lesson plan for teachers to design their own lessons.

  • 160 math phrase cards to cover all first grade math vocabulary
  • 336 math power cards to cover all symbols of 1st grade math including number, geometry, money.
  • Movable Markers for place value and expanded notation understanding
  • Plus and Minus Game
  • 26 number family problems
  • number strips
  • 15 teaching posters

Ask about the 153 grade level math lessons to use as a guide for the teacher to develop their own plans for a full year.

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