Grade 1 Support Cut-Out Kit


This kit is designed to provide the teacher with “instant” materials to implement the Workshop Schedule of Tasks as described in the WORKSHOP WAY® First Grade Handbook and materials for small group instruction. Should be used with Grade 1 THINKERS

  • First Grade Workshop Schedule of Tasks. All 38 task signs as described in the First Grade Handbook.  Can be bought separately, #170
  • 16 Assignments cards for Touch Bumps

  • Masters for the Chart Task

  • 44 Folding Paper Assignment cards

  • 12 Assignment cards for 10 Game

  • A Puzzle Progress Progress Card Master

  • Finger Tracing Cards:  A-Z and 0-9

  • A Set of 26 Yes-No Cards (used in reading groups and in the Workshop Schedule of Tasks)

  • 29 This is…This is not Cards. Covers number and sight word recognition

  • 20 Is It Game Cards. Covers color, time, coins, shapes, and letter recognition.

  • Number Perception Cards (one set 0-10, one set 0-20) for understanding of number

  • 25 Number Research Cards for addition and subtraction concepts

  • Plus and Minus Game cards for addition and subtraction thinking.  Used in a Six-Group.

  • Success Envelopes: The format is recognition of numerals, numeral words and number meaning.  The 20 labels are printed in color and glued to envelopes.  The teacher will need 20 6” x 9” envelopes.

  • 6 WORKSHOP WAY® Philosophy Signs
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