Grade One Phonics Bundle


This bundle is everything needed to teach the daily whole class Workshop Way Phonics lesson and hold small groups for work in phonics skills.  All items can be purchased separately.

Grade Level Phonics Lessons book

193 pre-cut Phonics CARDS – content:

  • consonant sounds
  • consonant blends
  • consonant digraphs
  • vowels
  • final consonant digraphs
  • final consonant blends
  • r-controlled vowels
  • vowel consonant patterns
  • vowel digraphs
  • vowel diphthong 
  • vowel rules
  • long vowel rules
  • short vowel rules
  • Exception: “L” controlled Vowel
  • Exception: Final Syllable
  • Prefixes
  • Suffixes
  • Punctuation
  • Usage
  • Irregular Nouns
  • Irregular verbs
  • Latin Suffixes


  • 503 pre-cut cards, printed in color: 8 cards for each beginning consonant, consonant blends and digraphs and 8 each for beginning long and short vowel sounds.


  • 15 definitions including simple, compound and complex sentences
  • 5 vowel rules
  • 2 key words for short and long vowels
  • 4 short vowel practice chart w/ 1 ending consonants chart
  • 6 spelling patterns for vowel sounds
  • 7 spelling rules for adding suffixes
  • 7 syllable rules

Word Family Study Booklets 

40 spiral-bound booklets for the study of word families with short vowel, long vowel and rule exceptions: 

  • VC: -ack, -ap, -an, – ock, -ump and 12 more
  • VCe: -ade, -ice, – oke and 8 more
  • VV: -ail, -ain, -eat
  • Rule Exceptions: -ound, -all, -ight, and 6 more

Visual Discrimination Cards for Short Vowel Words

  • 24 pre-cut cards, each card containing 2 words that require recognition of differences between the words, for example: but / bat; red / sled.  Use with students who need practice discerning between words.

Short Vowel Study Window Cards

  • 60 “window” cards to use with a, e, i, o, u cards for the sounding of the CVC pattern words.  The vowel cards are in 6 different fonts so children learn to generalize letter formation in print.  The instructor needs to cut the “window” in the middle of the card to reveal the vowel card placed behind the card.

Opposite Cards

  • 84 pre-cut pairs of antonyms, one word on white and its antonym on green.
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