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Workshop Way

WORKSHOP WAY® is a system of human growth for education. It is an approach to learning that provides equal opportunities for all students to learn how to learn, how to think, and how to manage their lives.

Enhance your Education

WORKSHOP WAY® builds successful schools and classrooms by creating a physical, social, and mental environment that allows all persons to handle grade level content and achieve in an atmosphere of respect for self and others.


Complete programs are available for Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Phonics for grades 1, 2, and 3. These activities are systematic, comprehensive, and coherent programs that meet the guidelines of educational research and utilize the methods of best practice.


Many items are available to allow all students opportunity to participate and be involved in math, science, language and social studies. Students are able to work alone or with others according to the directive of the activity, engage in written or non-written learning activities, and make choices following the WORKSHOP SCHEDULE OF TASKS.


THINKERS® are hands-on educational games that are unique to WORKSHOP WAY®. They help students to create order by sorting, organizing, matching and categorizing grade level content. This activity also promotes higher level thinking skills.

Meet the Team at Workshop Way

The WORKSHOP WAY® team consists of qualified, licensed educational consultants. Collectively, the team has many years of experience from Pre-K to the university level. Specifically, we train teachers to use the WORKSHOP WAY® system of education in classrooms thereby empowering both teachers and students in a structured management system. Call 269-251-0985 (Mary Anne Dalton, CSJ, PhD) or email [email protected] (Barbara Lake) for assistance or to ask questions.


Train at your school on on-site at a Pre-School in Virginia featuring observation of a day in a WORKSHOP WAY classroom; instruction by WW licensed consultants on the philosophy and psychology of WW along with procedures, techniques, and strategies; receive enough class hours to fill requirements; see and learn about homework, THE WORKSHOP SCHEDULE, whole class lessons, six-groups for enrichment and re-teaching, and various activities to satisfy state learning mandates, objectives, and requirements. Nearby motels for out-of-town teachers are available.


We can meet the needs of your school for teacher professional development for Pre-K, K, Phonics, self-contained and/or departmental classes. Create an environment for student involvement that promotes growth of human skills, satisfies intellectual needs and develops abilities of consciousness. Learn about the WORKSHOP WAY system of education that reaches 100% of students. Work on teacher-student relationships that help create a dynamic atmosphere of thinking and learning.


Complete a two-year program that consists of study, phone conferences, experience with WORKSHOP WAY®, and a Project Demonstrating Mastery. Licensed
consultants have the opportunity to work with the administrative team to solicit workshops and/or in- services and teach the WORKSHOP WAY® system of education.

Workshop Way Helping Kids
See how we can help your child grow

Workshop Way fosters freedom and creativity in an atmosphere of freedom and artistry, building on what is alike in all human beings, human nature.

I started implementing Workshop Way in my fifth year as a third grade teacher and it completely changed the way my students learned in the classroom! The students who had previously been withdrawn started engaging with me and the other students as they found new ways to learn. I’m all in on Workshop Way.

Samia Gibbons

Samia Gibbons

I have homeschooled all five of my children through sixth grade. My four oldest have moved to charter school, and my youngest is still home learning with me. I didn’t start using Workshop Way until my youngest child, and I so wish I had used it for all my children!
I can see a difference in the way my youngest thinks through issues and learns tough concepts. These are lifelong skills that I alone could not have taught her. It’s all thanks to Workshop Way!

Christina Haney

Christina Haney

A system of Human Growth for learners of all ages