Kindergarten Literacy Lessons and K Lessons for Thinking


Kindergarten LITERACY LESSONS contain 165 systematic daily lessons. Lessons follow the Five-Activity WORKSHOP WAY® Lesson Plan format. The lessons cover thinking skills, Nursery Rhymes, Gross Motor Skills, Rhythm Band with teacher selected music and musical scale patterns, fables, phonemic awareness, rhyming, phonics, and numeration.  Also included is Kindergarten LESSONS for THINKING, which is the 5th activity of the Five-Activity daily lesson.

Should be used with Kindergarten THINKERS® and Kindergarten Support Cut-Out Kit.

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This product is downloaded in 3 files after purchase.

All products from Workshop Way are copyrighted and the purchaser is entitled to use the materials in their own classroom but is restricted from printing for multiple classrooms.

The Kindergarten Literacy Lessons can be printed or read from the PDF file.

Printing requirements:

Cover: 2 sheets white card stock.  Print in color, single-sided

Book: print double-sided on copy paper.  It is recommended that the book be spiral bound or three-hole punched for a three-ring binder.

Kindergarten LESSONS for THINKING is the 5th Activity of the Five-Activity lesson plan.  The teacher prints enough copies of each lesson so each student has one.