Yes-No Sets for Reading Comprehension



The 26 Yes-No Sets are described in the First Grade Handbook for use in small groups, reading groups and later in the Workshop Schedule.  They can be also be used with English Learners, Special Ed and Homeschool settings.  There are 4 files to download: 

  • File 1 is the directions for using the Yes-No Sets and can be read as a PDF.  The last 2 pages in the file are the Progress Charts/Cards for the students.  Each student will need one copy of each sheet.  
  • File 2 is to be printed in color on 8.5” x 11” white card stock, single-sided.  The cards are then cut apart and put in sets. (suggestion: rubber band together)  
  • File 3 is the masters for students to write their yes/no answers.  Make copies on plain copy paper.  Students will need one copy each.  When the cards are completed students can start over.
  • File 4 is answer cards to be given to students as they complete their answers for self-checking.  Print single-sided on pastel colored card stock and cut apart.  Answers are given to student for self-checking.