Grade 1 Phonics Lessons


Grade 1 Phonics contains 160 scripted lessons for systematic daily phonics instruction. Each lesson follows WORKSHOP WAY’S unique Five Activity Lesson plan.
Phonics Bundle for Grade 1.

. This item contains the Phonics Lessons and Lessons for Thinking. Additional resources are available in the Phonics Bundle which contains all of the resources need for teaching the Phonics Lessons.

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These products are downloaded after purchase.  All products from Workshop Way are copyrighted and the purchaser is entitled to use the materials in their own classroom but is restricted from printing for multiple classrooms.

The Grade 1 Phonics book can be printed or read from the PDF file.

Printing requirements:

Grade 1 Phonics book cover: 2 sheets white card stock.  Print in color, double-sided

Grade 1 Phonics Lesson Plan Book: print double-sided on copy paper.  It is recommended that the book be spiral bound or three-hole punched for a three-ring binder.

Grade 1 LESSONS for THINKING – print as needed, one copy of each lesson for each student