Philosophy Signs for a WORKSHOP WAY® Classroom, primary grades or intermediate


The WORKSHOP WAY Philosophy are posted in a WORKSHOP WAY classroom and referred to frequently to teach the truths about human nature: All are intelligent, Everyone makes mistakes, It takes courage to risk, etc.


Two products are available for download from this site after purchase.  All products from Workshop Way are copyrighted and the purchaser is entitled to use the materials in their own classroom but is restricted from printing for multiple classrooms.

First are the Philosophy signs for grades Pre-K through 2nd or 3rd grade.  WORKSHOP WAY Philosophy Signs are posted in the classroom and referred to as the teacher instructs students about the truth of human nature:  that is it wonderful, that everyone has intelligence, but everyone makes mistakes and everyone has their own timing for learning.

Printing requirements for Primary Philosophy Signs:

6 sheets legal size white card stock, print single-sided in color

If using letter size card stock, select on your printer to fit to page, then trim as necessary.

Second are the Philosophy signs for 3rd or 4th grade and above.

Printing requirements for Intermediate Philosophy Signs:

6 sheets letter sized colored card stock of the purchaser’s choice, print single-sided.